Thursday, August 2, 2007

Experiments in Apathy Busting

I've been trying an experiment lately to see if I can get some traction with my apathy busters theme without having a high profile platform from which to make my voice heard (nor the time to devote to creating and promoting a full time daily blog). So I've been posting some fairly lengthy comments on major blogs -- on pieces about democracy and the internet that have proliferated since the YouTube/CNN debate. I'm trying to provoke some counter-response, like the one from Jake Brewer.

Have a look and see if you feel like adding your two cents.

(p.s. Several of my comments are under my own name, Jeffrey Abelson -- one or two are signed: citizenslacker -- and the ones on Huffington Post pieces are signed: jrpanther).

Jake Brewer - Huffington Post
"What YouTube (and Starbucks) Should Do After the Presidential Debates"

Joshua Levy -
"Walking the Walk: techPresident Video"
(response by Micah Sifry)

Jeff Jarvis - BuzzMachine
"Debating The Debate"

Daniel Glover - Air Congress
"PoliticsTV: Top 10 YouTube Debate Videos"

Bill Scher - Huffington Post
"Why The Dems Are Going To YearlyKos"

Nicholas Kristof - New York Times
"The Voters Speak: Baaa!"

Jose Antonio Vargas - Washington Post
"YouTube Twists On Politics"

Naomi Wolf - Huffington Post
"Time for a Democracy Movement"